Shade group headings

This is another one of my personal favorite settings in Outlook 2007 which I set pretty much directly after a new installation; Shade group headings

Just like creating the “Today’s Unread Mail” folder, setting my views to have their headings shaded is one of the first things I do. It makes them stand out a little bit more while they take up a little less space. So it’s mainly cosmetic but personally; I just think it looks better.

Follow the steps below to try it for yourself;

  1. While in your Inbox folder choose View-> Arrange By-> Custom…-> button Other Settings…
  2. In the section Grid Lines and Group Headings select the options;
    • Show items in Groups
    • Shade group headings
  3. Press OK and then OK again to close the open dialogs and return to your Inbox folder

Note that this option applies to all your views. There is no need to set this separately for all the views that you might be having.

Update: This option no longer exists in Outlook 2010.

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