Prevent RSS items from being counted and shown in Unread Mail Search Folder

I also use Outlook as my RSS Reader but as a result, my Unread Mail folder now also counts and displays each unread RSS message in that folder.

Is it possible to only count and show unread emails in the Unread Mail folder?

Unread Mail Search Folder buttonThe Unread Mail folder is a Search Folder which searches your entire mailbox for unread mail items and displays them in a single list.

To filter out folders containing RSS items, or any other folders which you do not want to be included in the Unread Mail Search Folder, you can customize it in the following way:

  1. Right click on the Search Folder and choose Customize This Search Folder...
  2. Click the Browse... button.
  3. Deselect the top level folder (usually named after your account).
  4. Select all the folders directly under the top level folder which you want to include.
  5. Leave the "Search subfolders” option enabled.
  6. Press OK to close the “Select Folder(s)” dialog.
  7. Press OK to close the “Customize “Unread Mail” dialog.

When selecting specific folders, make sure the root folder is not selected.
When selecting specific folders, make sure the root folder is not selected.

Extra Tip:
Really only select folders which you want to be searched. This will also speed up the working of the Unread Mail Search Folder. For instance, there is almost never a need to include the Sent Items folder in a search for unread mail.

If you don’t have the “Unread Mail” Search Folder yet, use CTRL+SHIFT+P to create it or define one of your own such as a “Today’s Unread Mail” folder or one specifically for RSS Feeds.

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