View today’s RSS feeds only

Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the news I receive from all my RSS feeds (I've got quite a few subscriptions). I find myself cycling through all the folders to see if there is something new in there.

The blue Unread Items notification is not of much help as I don't read all the entries of each and every RSS feed.

Is there a way I can for instance just see today's RSS items that I haven't read?

You can achieve this with a Search Folder which looks at your RSS folders only.

  1. Right click on the “Search Folders” folder in your mailbox tree and choose “New Search Folder”.
  2. Scroll  to the bottom section where you’ll find Custom; Create a custom Search Folder.
  3. Press button “Choose…”.
  4. Name: Today’s unread RSS feeds
  5. Press the “Criteria” button.
  6. On the Messages tab, set the following condition;
    Time: received today
  7. On the More Choices tab set the following condition;
    Only items that are: unread
  8. Press OK
  9. Press the “Browse…” button.
  10. Deselect the option “Outlook Today” (or whatever the name of the root of your mailbox is) and select the RSS Feeds folder.
  11. Verify that the option “Search in subfolders” is enabled.
  12. Press OK to close the open dialog.

To keep your RSS items grouped by their original feed, you can set your view to “Arrange By Folder” and enable “Show in Groups”. As an RSS folder is different than a mail folder, you might want to customize your view to reflect some of the specific RSS fields instead.

Note: This is a variation of my favorite Search Folder: Today’s Unread Mail.

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