Command line not valid when attaching via add-in

After installing Office 2003 Service Pack 3, my Scan-to-Email function on my scanner now generates an error message from Outlook:

"The command line argument is not valid. Verify the switch you are using."

I did not have any problems with this until SP3 was installed. How can I get it to work again?

Apparently, their application is not compatible with Outlook 2003 SP3. This is not just limited to scanning applications. Other applications that generate an email with an attachment could be affected as well depending on the method they use to attach the file.

My guess is that they are generating a "mailto:" command with an "attach" or "attachment" switch which isn't RFC compliant in the first place.

Outlook 2003 pre-SP3 offered a custom Microsoft protocol extension for attachment support on the mailto protocol but has now implemented a fully RFC compliant mailto protocol.

I suggest that they either implement the outlook.exe /a command line to directly attach an item or even better; use the OOM to do it programmatically.

This issue also seems to occur after installing this update for Outlook 2002/XP or this update for Outlook 2000.

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