Starting Outlook as an Administrator on Windows 8

You've written various tips for which you need to start Outlook as an Administrator.

I’ve just upgraded to Windows 8 (I was still using Windows XP before), and was wondering:

How do you start Outlook as an Administrator on Windows 8?

If you have Outlook pinned to your Task Bar in Windows 8, then starting Outlook as an administrator works the same as it did on Windows 7:

  • Hold SHIFT while right clicking on the Outlook icon and from the menu that pops-up choose: Run as administrator
  • Hold CTRL+SHIFT and just click on the Outlook icon.

Windows 8 Start Screen

If you only have Outlook listed on your Start Screen in Windows 8 or did a Start Screen search, then right clicking on Outlook will give you various options in the Application Bar which pops up at the bottom. One of them is "Run as administrator".

Make sure that Outlook is closed before choosing this option otherwise you won't be running Outlook with elevated permissions at all, even though you are being prompted.

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