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Apply Business Card template

I’ve downloaded a Business Card template from the Office website which I would like to use for my own contact card.

As I have a lot of details filled out for my contact already, I’m not looking forward to recreate it entirely.

How can I apply this template to my exisitng contact item?

There is a small simple trick to apply a business card template without needing to recreate the entire contact item.

  1. Download your preferred Business Card design from the Office website.
  2. Open the downloaded template.
  3. Remove all the already filled out details from the form.
  4. Fill in the Full Name field of the contact that you wish to update.
  5. Now when you press the Save button, you’ll get a prompt asking if you want to update the existing contact or add it as a new contact. Select the Update option to apply your downloaded template to the existing contact.

Note: If you use a Business Card in your E-mail Signature, then you’ll need to update your signature by removing the Business Card image from your signature and then add it again via the Business Card button. For more details about Outlook signatures see; Creating, using and managing Signatures

You can apply a downloaded Business Card template to an existing contact by only filling out the Full Name name field. (click on image to enlarge)
You can apply a downloaded template to an existing contact by only filling out the name field. (click on image to enlarge)

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