Office Help Assistant in Windows 7

When trying to launch the Office Assistant via the Help menu, I get the following error;

"The Office Assistant requires Microsoft Agent 2.0 or later. This product is available on the Office System Pack."

I've done a full install of Office 2003 and looked on the CD but I cannot find anything there.

How can I enable the Office Assistant again?

Windows 7 does not ship with Microsoft Agent, which is required for the Office Assistant and used by the Help system in Office 2003 and previous. If you like to make use of the Office Assistant, then you’ll first have to install the Hotfix of KB969168: Microsoft Agent-enabled programs do not work in Windows 7.

You can request and download the Hotfix via the link at the top left of the article or by clicking here. Make sure you select the correct Hotfix (32-bit or 64-bit) when downloading it from another computer.

Office Assistants on Windows 7
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