Follow Up Flags and reminders

When flagging messages for Follow Up with a Reminder, I do not get any reminder pop-up for it.

Is my reminder service broken?

Flags & Reminders buttonOutlook supports reminders for flagged items in all folders, not just the Inbox folder.

In case this doesn’t work for you, it could indeed be that the minder service is broken and requires a reset.

Reminder service broken

In order to reset the Outlook reminder service, you’ll have to start Outlook with the cleanreminders startup switch;

  • Start-> type; outlook.exe /cleanreminders

This resets the current reminder status and forces Outlook to look for any item with a reminder that has not been dismissed yet.

Note: When executing this command, make sure you include the space between outlook.exe and /cleanreminders.

Starting Outlook with the cleanreminders switch.
Starting Outlook with the cleanreminders switch.

Reminder add-ins

Add-Ins buttonIf you are looking additional ways to manage your flagged items and reminders, there are various reminder management add-ins available.

An overview of some popular ones can be found here.

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