Rename mail profile

To keep my work and private e-mail completely separate, I've added an additional mail profile to Outlook. I've named this new mail profile after my company. The original mail profile is called Outlook.

Is there any way I could rename this mail profile to something more indicative like "private emails"?

There is no direct way in Outlook to rename mail profiles. You can however achieve it by copying your original mail profile called “Outlook” as you will get prompted for a name for the copied mail profile. You can then fill in “private emails” as the name.

After you have verified that the copied mail profile is working correctly, you can choose to remove the original mail profile named “Outlook” and you basically renamed your mail profile as well.

Copying your mail profile can be done in the Mail applet in Control Panel by clicking on the Show Profiles… button.

Mail applet - Show Profiles - Copy Profile
You can use the Copy... option to rename a mail profile.

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