Limits to synching Outlook Contact information with

I have lots of contacts in Outlook and I’m switching to an account.

I’ve noticed that many of the advanced contact information fields that are available in Outlook are not available in the People section of an account.

For a couple of contacts, I’ve filled out these fields.

What will happen with the information in these fields when I move the contacts to

People Outlook.comInitially, nothing will happen with that contact information in Outlook. However, as the information doesn’t synch with, you’ll risk losing that contact information at one point or another.

For instance, when you update the item on another computer, smartphone or tablet. Also, when you have to reconfigure your account, you’ll lose that data.

The list below provides an overview of Outlook Contacts fields and features which do not sync with

If you have any contacts for which you have filled out one of these fields and you do not wish to lose this information, it is recommended that you keep a copy of that item in your Contacts folder of a pst-file or copy the information to the Notes section of the contact.

Note: Fields with (Outlook Hotmail Connector) behind them do not synch in Outlook 2003, 2007 and 2010 when using the Outlook Hotmail Connector to connect to your account. They do synch when you use the EAS protocol in Outlook 2013.

Outlook features

  • Attachments
  • Categories
  • Flag status
  • Reminder
  • Reminder Topic
  • Private status
  • Priority status
  • Linked Contacts
  • Journal
  • Contact Groups

General section

Contacts Show - General - Details - All Fields
  • Contact Picture (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Name fields
    • Title (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
    • Middle (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
    • Suffix (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Job title (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • IM address (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Phone Numbers
    • Callback
    • ISDN
    • Other
    • Other Fax
    • Primary
    • Telex
    • TTY/TDD
  • Address: Other… (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Notes: HTML formatting and Attachments are lost

Details section

  • Department (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Office (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Profession
  • Manager’s name (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Assistant’s name (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Title (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Suffix (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Spouse/Partner (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Anniversary (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Internet Free-Busy

All fields section

  • Billing Information
  • Business Address PO Box
  • Children (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Computer Network Name
  • Customer ID (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • FTP Site
  • Gender
  • Government ID (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Hobbies
  • Home Address PO Box
  • Language
  • Location
  • Mailing Address (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Mailing Address Indicator (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Mileage
  • Office Location (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Organizational ID Number
  • Other Address fields (Outlook Hotmail Connector)
  • Other Address PO Box
  • Personal Home Page
  • Referred By
  • Custom Properties
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