RSS Home Page script error

Upon accessing the RSS folder I get the following error;

An error has occurred in the script of this page.
Line 16
Char 1
Error Object expected
Code 0

Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?
Yes No

How can I get rid of it?

The good news is that there is nothing wrong with your Outlook configuration. Sadly there are quite a few errors within this page (at least at the time of writing; let’s hope it gets fixed eventually). If you were to open the page in Internet Explorer then it works but that is because the real issue in the page lies within a script that runs when it detects that you are accessing the page via Outlook.

Turn off the page

The easiest way to get rid of the error is to simply not visit the RSS root folder or to disable the Home Page of it. To do this;
Right click on the RSS Folder-> select: Properties-> tab: Home Page-> disable option: Show home page by default for this folder

Fixing the page

Since the page is hosted on the Microsoft Office website, fixing the page yourself is not that straight forward. From within your Internet browser you can view the source and copy/paste that to an HTML editor or Notepad. Then you can start fixing the errors. Once you’ve done that, save it as an html file and set it as your Home Page.

Since this might not be a straightforward solution for everyone, I’ve fixed the English version of the page for you which you can download here. See the instructions below on how to set it as your RSS Feeds Home Page.

Set a different page

You can set a custom web page by simply typing a different address in the “Address:” field;
Right click on the RSS Folder-> select: Properties-> tab: Home Page-> field: Address

You can point this to a page on the Internet or a html file on your computer. Personally I’ve placed my custom Home Folders in a folder called;
D:\Users\Robert\My Documents\Outlook\

Due to security restrictions, not every page will work without errors though. Therefore a local page you created yourself might work best. Some ideas;

  • Internet Favorites
    When you export your Internet Favorites from Internet Explorer to a file, it will create a bookmark.html file containing all your favorites or just a selection thereof. To export your Favorites use;
    File-> Import and Export…-> Export to a file-> Favorites
    (press ALT if you don’t see the File menu)
  • News page of your corporate Intranet site
    If it generates script errors, your website administrator might be able to redesign it in such a way that no errors are shown anymore.
  • Overview of pages that you often visit but don’t offer an RSS feed.
    If you visit some pages frequently but they don’t offer an RSS feed, then you can create a list of these pages yourself and set that as your RSS Feeds Home Page. This way you can still easily access them when reading the rest of your feeds.
    You can create this page in Word if you want and then save it as a html-file.
    When creating a hyperlink (Insert-> Hyperlink) make sure you click the “Target Frame…” button and set the option to “New window”. This will make sure that the page will open in your default Internet Browser and not in Outlook or you might get script errors again.
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