Redownload a message from the mail server

I accidentally deleted an email from Outlook which I still need. I have my POP3 account set to keep a copy on the server and the message I need is still there.

How can I tell Outlook to redownload this specific message?

Redownload from Server buttonFor most POP3 servers it is enough to move the message from the Inbox folder to another folder and then back again.

  1. Login to your web based mailbox.
  2. Create a new folder if you don’t have any other folders than the default ones.
  3. Move the message from the Inbox folder to the other folder.
  4. Press the Send/Receive button within Outlook.
  5. Move the message in the web based mailbox back to the Inbox folder on-line.
  6. Press the Send/Receive button within Outlook again.
  7. The message should now arrive in Outlook again.

Note 1: Depending on the date stamp of the message and how you have configured Outlook to sort your mail, the re-received message might not show up at the top of your message list.

Note 2: To configure Outlook to leave a copy in your on-line mailbox see; Leave messages on mail server.

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