Error when moving an email

When I try to move emails from the Inbox of the Mailbox of the Exchange Server to the Inbox of the Personal Folders (.pst) I get an error that says:

"Can't move the items. Could not Move the item. The original was either moved or deleted, or access was denied."

How can I move this message?

Any ideas of why this is happenning? He was able to move them for one day, but the next day this message pops up.

Button Move ErrorThe quick answer is; empty your Deleted Items folder and try again.

Background info

A move operation between mail stores (in this case between an Exchange mailbox and a pst-file) is basically a copy operation of the original item to the new location and then an automatic permanent delete operation of the original item.

This means that you pass the Deleted Items folder without noticing. However, when for some reason the Deleted Items folder is corrupted or holds a corrupted item, you can encounter this error.

Solutions for when the issue returns

When it tends to happen again frequently or happens even when the Deleted Items folder has been cleared, you might want to check the mailbox for issues.

In the case of an Exchange mailbox, start with renaming your ost-file to .old when Outlook is closed. Upon restarting Outlook, a new cache of your Exchange mailbox will be created. If it still happened then, your mail administrator can check the Exchange logs for errors.

If you are not using an Exchange server but a pst-file you can use scanpst.exe to check your pst-file for errors. To easily locate scanpst.exe you can use OutlookTools (free).

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