Office replacement installation disks, setup files and license keys

I need to reinstall Outlook but I cannot find my original installation CD/DVD and/or license keys.

How can I reinstall without needing to buy a new copy again?

Download Office buttonMicrosoft offers various ways to obtain new installation media or license keys for free. In some cases, a proof of purchase or a shipment fee will be required if a download isn’t available.

Installation media for Microsoft 365 for Home subscriptions

Microsoft 365 for Home buttonIf you are an Microsoft 365 for Home subscriber you can download the installer by logging on to the website and click on Install Office in the top right corner.

To get an overview of your current installations, click on the My Account button, select the Services & Subscriptions tab and then click on the Installs button for your Microsoft 365 subscription.

By clicking on the Install button in the top left area, you’ll be taken to your installation overview where you can download the installer.

Microsoft 365 Install Office link on the My Account page.
Microsoft 365 Install Office link on the My Account page.

Note: You can also deactivate old installations here in case a license is installed on a computer which no longer boots or is no longer in use.

If you want a different language or bitness of Office, then click on the “Install Office” link and in the pop-up that opens, click on “Other Options”.

Download and install Office - Microsoft 365 for Home
There are various installation options available as a Microsoft 365 for Home subscriber.

Installation media for Microsoft 365 for Business and Enterprise subscriptions

Microsoft 365 for Business buttonIf you are an Microsoft 365 for Home subscriber you can download the installer by logging on to the website and click on Install Office in the top right corner.

If you do not see this link, then the ability to download Office has been removed by your corporate administrator. In that case, contact your corporate helpdesk and ask how you can reinstall Office on your computer.

If you want a different language or bitness of Office, click on the Other install options link in the Install Office menu and from your My account page click on the “View apps & devices” link and use the dropdown lists to select your choices.

Install Office from the Microsoft 365 for Business/Enterprise My Account page
You can install Microsoft 365 Apps for Business and Enterprise from the My Account page.

Installation media for Office 2016 and Office 2019

Office 2016 and Office 2019 buttonWhen you have a Retail version of Office 2016 or Office 2019, such as Office Home & Student 2016/2019, Office Home & Business 2016/2019 and Office Professional 2016/2019, then you can download it in a similar way as you would Microsoft 365 for Home as mentioned above.

You can start your installation of Office via the Services & subscriptions section of your Microsoft Account.

If it doesn’t show up there, you can register your Office license via your license key and associate it with your Microsoft Account via the “Let’s get started” page for Office.

Microsoft 365 and Office - Let's get started
If you haven’t done so already, connect your Office license to your Microsoft Account.

Installation media for Office 2013

Office 2013 buttonTo obtain replacement installation media for Office 2013, a license key will suffice to gain access to a website where you can simply download Office 2013 again for free.

This is similar to the process of Office 2019 and Office 2016 and your Office License will be associated with your Microsoft Account as well.

Download: Office 2013

Depending on your license and where you purchased it, you may need to use this website as an alternative.

If that fails as well, you’ll need to contact the merchant you originally bought it from.

Installation media for Office 2010 and earlier

Office 2010 buttonMicrosoft no longer supports Office 2010 and therefor no longer offers any replacement disks or downloads for Office 2010 or earlier.

If you still need the installation media, then you could resort to one of the methods mentioned below.

Other methods to get replacement installation media

If you know somebody else owning the same version of Office who still has the CD/DVD, you can ask for a copy of it. For some versions it is required to also have the same suite and the same type of license (OEM or Retail).

If you are not able to download the (relatively) large installation file of Office, you can also ask somebody else to download it for you and burn it to a CD/DVD or copy it to an external hard disk or USB-drive for you.

Be careful with buying or downloading the installation media from any other source on-line. These versions could be pirated and could do serious harm to your computer when used. Also, in several countries even downloading from an illegal source is considered an illegal act as well, even when you intend to use it with your own valid license.

Download Office
Be careful where you place your installation file, CD or DVD and license keys.

Replacement Product Key

Button Product Key Office 2013Product keys are supplied in your original disk set or Product Key Card (Medialess License Kit). In case that you bought it on-line, your product key is usually emailed to you or made available to you when you login to the on-line store where you bought the license.

No license key is needed when you are using Microsoft 365 as your available licenses will be checked automatically when you log on to Office with your Microsoft Account.

If you really cannot find your license key, you can contact Microsoft for a replacement key. A proof of purchase will be needed to obtain a new key. Obtaining a replacement key for Office 2010 or previous could be troublesome.

Note: In some cases, if your computer shipped with an OEM licensed version of Office, a license sticker might be placed on your computer casing. Do not confuse this license sticker with the license sticker of Windows as that key will work for Windows only.

Magic Jelly Bean and Belarc Advisor (key finder)

Tools butonIf you still have Office installed on your system but do not know your Product Key, you can use the free utility Magic Jelly Bean or Belarc Advisor to obtain the Product Key for you. Microsoft also offers a script to read out the last part of the Product Key so you can compare it with your documentation.

For more info about the above methods see: View or change the Office or Outlook Product Key.

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