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Setting the Reading Pane at the bottom and other display options in Outlook Web App

In Outlook Web App (OWA), I prefer to have the Reading Pane at the bottom but since I have been upgraded to OWA on Exchange 2013, my Reading Pane is on the right again and I can’t find a way to change that to the bottom.

In OWA 2010, this option was under a View button at the top of my message list where I could also disable Conversation View. In addition, I don’t want the message list to show the first line of the email either. I just want things back to the way I had it configured in OWA 2010.

How can I configure all this in OWA 2013?

Gears menu in Outlook Web Access 2013 contains Display Settings to control the Reading Pane location.The options to change your display settings in Outlook Web App 2013 (OWA), included in Exchange 2013 and Office 365 for Business, indeed are no longer directly above your message list. However, they are not listed in the Options section either.

As these options are folder specific, they have been “hidden” under the “Display settings” section of the Gears menu, which you’ll find in the top right between your display name and the question mark.

Display Settings

When you select “Display settings” from the gears menu, a new pane will slide in containing various options.

In the message list section, you can show or hide the preview text and also set the option to either show the sender’s name or the subject on top.

In the conversations section, you can set some options for the Conversations View. To actually disable Conversation View itself, you can use the menu which is displayed in the top right above your message list. When it is enabled, this list is called “Conversations by Date” and when disabled “Items by date”.

The reading pane section allows you to specify whether the Reading Pane should be displayed on the right, at the bottom or should be hidden. There is also an option to apply this setting to all folders.

In the final Outlook Web App version section, you can select to use Outlook Web App light which is optimized for older web browsers, low bandwidth connections and accessibility needs.

There is a Reading Pane section within Display Settings to control its location. (click on image to enlarge)
There is a Reading Pane section within Display Settings to control its location.
(click on image to enlarge)

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