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Disable virus scanner integration?

I got the advise to disable the virus scanner integration with Outlook.
Isn’t that a bad thing to do?

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Resetting dat-files

I got the advise to reset some dat-files to solve my issue.

Where can I find these and what do they do?

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Sync Outlook with a Smartphone or Tablet

How can I sync my Mail, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks in Outlook with my Smartphone and Tablet?

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Cannot create new messages in OWA

I am unable to write anything in the body of a new message on Outlook Web Access and it shows as a broken image (red cross). I am also unable to reply to any existing message or create any other new item.

Is this something I need to fix in Internet Explorer or is this issue on the server?

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Strange Keyboard actions

When in Outlook, a lot of the higher keys (SHIFT+key) are moved to others that don’t correspond to the keyboard layout.
Example: Shift+2 should create @ and not ”

How can I fix this?

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Internet Explorer crashes when using OWA

I use Outlook Web Access to access my work email from home. When I access the webmail everything works fine. However, when I try and send an email from webmail the entire program shuts down and reboots my Internet Explorer.

How can I prevent this crash from happening?

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Automatic signature changing

I have created a signature for one of my e-mail accounts but when I create a new message and select that account the signature does not show.

If I set the account with the signature as the default account and then create a new message it shows, but I do not want to do this every time I wish to send a message via that account.

How can I make Outlook to select my signature automatically when changing my account?

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Next and Previous links in email

Is there a way to turn off the Next and Previous links that occur in an email thread in Outlook 2007/2010?
(i.e. when multiple people have replied or forwarded the message, how it lets you jump between messages)

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Junk Email still delivered in Inbox

I have set my Junk E-mail Filter level to High and still all spam is being delivered to my Inbox.

How can this happen?

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Resize images via Send To Mail Recipient command

When I right click (Send To/Mail Recipient) on a photo, wishing to send it as an attachment, a small dialogue box would open and there were options to downsize the photo or to send the photo in its original size.

That dialogue box has disappeared and the photo is attached to an email in its original size.

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