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Options tab for old add-ins in Outlook 2010

I’ve been using an add-in in Outlook 2007 (and previous Outlook version) which added its own tab in the Options dialog of Outlook to configure it.

I’ve now upgraded to Outlook 2010 and the add-in still seems to work just fine but I can’t find its configuration tab anywhere. It hasn’t been added as an extra section in the new File-> Options dialog nor can I find anything on the Add-Ins tab of the Ribbon.

How can I configure it in Outlook 2010 or should I look for a new add-in?

While the Add-Ins tab on the Ribbon is indeed the first place to look for add-in button that used to be on a toolbar or in menu’s of previous versions of Outlook, their Options tab are “hidden” somewhere else.

Add-in Options

Instead of now showing as an extra tab in the Options dialog itself, the options tabs for add-ins are now in the Add-In section. By pressing the button “Add-in Options…”, Outlook will show all the tabs that are added by add-ins in a separate Add-in Options dialog window.

The options tabs for add-ins are bit hidden but still accessible. (click on image to enlarge)
The options tabs for add-ins are bit hidden but still accessible. (click on image to enlarge)

Check for updates

Even though the old add-in might still work in Outlook 2010, it is worth it to check for updates for the add-in with the add-in vendor. Many add-in vendors offer updates for once bought add-ins free of charge while others provide upgrade licenses for a reduced price.

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