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Check for new messages interval in Outlook 2010

In previous versions of Outlook you could set how often Outlook should check for new messages.

Where can I find this option in Outlook 2010?

The option is still there but granted; you kinda need to know that it exists in order to find it.

There are 3 “easy” ways of accessing this option;

  • Keyboard shortcut
    CTRL+ALT+S (works for all Outlook versions)
  • Options menu
    File-> Options-> section Advanced-> button Send/Receive…
  • Ribbon
    tab Send/Receive-> button Send/Receive Groups-> Define Send/Receive Groups…

Note: An overview of the locations for the most common Outlook options across versions can be found in the guide; Where can I find…?

Setting the automatic send/receive interval

Don’t set the automatic send/receive interval too short or you could end up endlessly polling the mail server, send/receive errors and sometimes even duplicates.

If you only have 1 account, do not set it too check more often than once every 5 minutes. For 2 or 3 accounts, every 10 minutes would be recommended. From there, add 5 minutes for every 2-3 accounts that you add until you reach 30 minutes.

Note: This option does not affect Exchange accounts as Cached Exchange Mode uses a different send/receive mechanism which is near instant. However, the Offline send/receive interval does apply to Exchange accounts when you set Outlook to Work Offline.

Send/Receive Groups - Schedule an automatic send/receive every 10 minutes.
By default Outlook checks for new messages every 30 minutes.
Separate send/receive intervals can be set for online and offline mode.

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