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Search Indexer add-in disabled (mssphtb.dll)

I’m having some issues with the search function in Outlook and I think it is because the Windows Search Email Indexer is disabled.

I tried to enable it but Outlook disables it everytime.

Why can’t I enable this add-in and how do I get Search to function again?

The Windows Search Email Indexer add-in (mssphtb.dll) is disabled in Outlook 2010 as Outlook 2010 has native support for indexing now and thus no longer needs this add-in. To prevent any issues, Outlook 2010 is programmed to disable this add-in.

Part of Windows not of Outlook

The mssphtb.dll file is a part of Windows Search on Windows Vista and Windows 7 which exposes itself as an add-in in Outlook. It is also known as the “Outlook MSSearch Connector”.  In addition, it also exists on Windows XP systems on which Windows Search is installed. By default you’ll find it in;

While Windows Search no longer needs it to index Outlook 2010 contents, it is still required to have this add-in enabled when you are using a previous version of Outlook and want to have your e-mails indexed.

Solving Outlook Search issues

So, whatever your search issues in Outlook 2010 may be, it is not caused by the fact that the Windows Search Email Indexer add-in is disabled. For solutions to solve Outlook search issues see; Fixing Instant Search

Windows Search Email Indexer is listed under the Disabled Application Add-ins section 
Outlook 2010 doesn’t need the Search Indexer add-in.

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